Saturday, January 14, 2006

Guilty pleasures

I have been tagged by heidi for my guilty pleasures......................

1. I love the fried cheese curds at kfc i know they are really good for me and healthy but i like them any way favorite candy is peanut butter cups i love them i like to take my time eating them and when i am done i always want more when i go to old sac i always have to get a white choclate one from the candy shop very tasty

3. i like to sit out in my office drink beer and listen to my music alone, been doing it a lot more lately, not sure if thats good or bad

4. i loves my wifes body...........................enough said

5. I love to shoot guns not for hunting nessecarily but just at targets or shooting skeet it is fun it relaxes me and it energizes me i love it

I tag heather

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Fear is dying
fear is happiness
fear is living
fear is sadness
fear is trying
fear is progress
fear is losing
fear is loneliness
fear is failing
fear is love


" The hardest prison from which to escape is that of your mind" - anonymous

I saw this spray painted on a wall near my work just thought I would share it made sense to me

Friday, January 06, 2006

Friggin Weirdo

o.k. heather tagged me for 5 weird facts about me here they go..........................................

1. I love peanut butter on my biscuts and gravy it is yummy in fact i wont uasually eat them with out peanut butter i have ate B and G that way since i was a kid also I will only eat pancakes with peanut butter and syrup

2.maybe this isnt that weird but i refuse to litter even a straw wrapper I dont really believe in karma but i think its bad karma to litter and besides there is always a garbage can everywhere you go if you litter its cause you are lazy

3. I like kelly clarkson I am not gay i swear my wife will attest to that i just think that girl can sing i like everything i have heard from her

4. i like to mix reeses pieces and junior mints together and eat them i dunno the flavor combonation is really good mmmmmmmmmmmmm minty peanutbutterey yum

5. I like to walk in the rain it feels good and refreshing i lets my mind open up and i can get some good thinking time in

I am tagging joe montana, michael jackson, and carroTTop