Saturday, November 26, 2005

Killing my shadow

O.K. Here is another one of my poems let me know what u think it is one of my favorites



I am being followed by a maniac,
A man with a murderous rage
He is with me every day
a man I am NOT willing to engage

Confrontation is impossible
He knows my every move
Only when darkness falls
Can his presence I remove

He threatens my innocence,
The pureness I portray
He means me no harm
Only my enemies are his prey

He should be a friend in this lonely world
A comfort to see when all else disappears
Now he has come to test my sanity
And validate my greatest fears

He brings out the rage inside me
The revenge I swore I was above
The hate buried deep inside
And all the feelings I thought I was free of

I have to find the courage
To kill the man on my tail
For he will surly overtake me
With a vengeance if I fail

The battle will be hard and long
But I wont have to wonder where he will be
Everywhere I go I see him there
The evil twin that resembles me

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Noelles flight was cancelled tonight cause of fog I was really looking forward to seeing her in the morning since aug.13 i have seen her for about 12 hours i cannot describe how fucked up this is i dunno how i am going to do this there is another fligh tomorrow at 930 pm but no gaurentee that wont be cancelled as well. I fell like i left her, let her down like now maybe i made the wrong decision by letting them move there i have alway said we will be there soon but it has never seemed so far away never relized how much i need her with me, but its too late now. i am so tired i have always been plagued with bad decisions but i think i really fucked up this time

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Darren Needs.................

following heidis lead I went to google and typed in darren needs and these were the first 15 that popped up....................weird

Darren needs a hobby
Darren needs… a shave
Darren needs someone to chat to, but you've looked a bit down actually
Darren needs to risk his life
Darren needs parents who will enjoy his many attractive qualitieswhile being realistic about his limitations
Darren should know that if he ever needs to "crash and burn", we're here for himnow and always
Darren needs all the extrastrength, determination and luck that he can muster tosurvive trials which slice, burn and almost drown him
Darren needs to be with (his wife
Darren needs to see a level of commitment
Darren needs an alert
Darren needs to take another look at what he has written
Darren needs to take another look at what he has written
Darren needs to go to a Championship team
Darren needs all his survival skills to get through safely
Darren, needs all the strength and encouragement he can get.